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When It Raynes

Rayne Amber Storm finds her serenity on the waters of her Louisiana bayou. The moss-covered cypress trees are a canopy of protection for the thoughts that are her own. Slowly, a gentle, insistent ripple of difference stirs within her. A ripple that leads her away from her mother’s Southern Baptist values to thoughts that betray the very core of what she believes is right and wrong. When she leaves the bayou for medical school the ripple expands until she is knocked unsteady by a powerful wave in the charismatic Samantha LeJeune. But when tragedy strikes back home, the pull of cross currents traps Rayne in what seems an insurmountable struggle between her heart, which now knows the true meaning of happiness, and doing what she has been taught all her life. Is she strong enough to keep navigating through unfamiliar but thrilling waters or will she give in and paddle down the path of least resistance?

When it Raynes was originally released in the General Contemporary genre of lesbian fiction for which it received a 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention and was a 2016 Golden Crown Literary Society Finalist for the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award. For as proud as CD Cain was of the story, she always felt she left something missing from the original publication. So, she went back to the keyboard and revised the powerful love story of Rayne and Sam to publish as a Lesbian Romance with Fleur-De-Lis Books.  

“I was excited for an excuse to read this book again and could hardly wait for its release, as this is one of my favorite reads. The book is more intense this time around, and I couldn’t help but fall even more in love with the story and the characters.”

The revised edition of When It Raynes was released this weekend. Since its original publication, my life has seen heartbreaking losses and joyful gains. On the other side of these experience, I have changed. My heart has changed. My fingers upon the keys have changed in a way that I couldn’t find the words for After the Storm. When I went back to read When It Raynes, I realized I was no longer the same author nor had I given to my characters the voice I wanted them to have. So, I went back to the keyboard to revise the original version in the voice I now had for both myself and my characters. The story in itself remains the same but I hope anyone who wishes to revisit Rayne, her family and of course…Sam finds that their personalities flow from the pages.

“I could not put the book down. It has consumed my thoughts since finishing it. I immensely enjoyed getting to know Sam better. And as much as I loved Rayne in the first version, I liked her character even more in the revision.”