The Art of a Cover

Each part of the writing process creates its own obstacle. Creating a cover image is definitely no exception. Not only must its image capture the attention of a would-be reader, but it must also tell something of the story within it. If you’re really successful, you’ll even have pieces visible to the reader only after reading the story. They finish the last page, hold the book or e-reader in their hands and think “Ah, that’s what the picture meant.” If you’re writing a series, such as Chambers of the Heart, this is even a tad more difficult as your covers must flow. Thankfully I’ve been able to work with a wonderful designer who helps me mold my story into an image.

If you’ve not yet read When It Raynes, please do not continue reading any further.

The cover for “When It Raynes” depicted a scene of Rayne’s life. Two canoes floated gently along a bayou. Its water was calm without ripple or wave. Their hulls were protected by a canopy of trees above. This was the essence of Rayne and her life. For those who purchased the print edition, there was foreshadowing on the back cover as one single canoe floated atop the water. In this book, Rayne is left to navigate alone after the vivacious Sam comes into her life to create anything but smooth waters. Her once certain path was left in disarray and her canopy of protection was gone.

In “It Pours”, we see a silhouette of a woman walking along the shore. She’s alone in the setting sun. The footsteps of where she has been have been washed away from the waves as they roll upon the shore. Above her is a flock of seagulls flying overhead. Their shadows surround her steps. In this book, Rayne has to find who she truly is among the shadows of who she was. It’s her time to stand alone in her own waters. The sun sets on a life she knew with hopes of rising on a life where she is free to fly in her own direction. If she can heal the heartbreak left by Sam’s leaving, she may find her life to be filled with new friends and loves. But as with any tide, the rising waters will leave Rayne to face the pending confrontations from Grant and Charlie Grace.