It Pours

2016 Rainbow Award Winner in Contemporary General Fiction and Runner Up in Best Lesbian Book of 2016

Chambers of the Heart, Book 2

Available Now! Book 2

In the second installment in the Chambers of the Heart series, Rayne Storm’s life has become reminiscent of an early morning’s mist hovering over the surface of her beloved bayou. She follows the path her mother, Charlie Grace, and Grant had designed for her years ago and accepts Grant’s proposal. At the engagement party, Samantha “Sam” LeJeune and Rayne allow their deepest layers of doubt and insecurity to shroud their undeniable attraction to each other and say goodbye as Sam moves to Florida for her residency. During her residency at the University of Alabama, Rayne explores the local gay community and makes friends there who reawaken her. Now Rayne finds herself in a fog of choices between an upbringing she both loves yet resents for its deep southern values and a life she knows she has no choice but to live. At some point she knows the rain will fall and when it rains . . . it pours.

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“CD Cain’s writing brings the characters to life…This becomes almost a psychological thriller as we wait for Rayne to chose, to grow into the woman we all want her to be…the power and substance of the writing, and the pure joy of immersing yourself so wholly into a world exquisitely drawn.” – Velvet Lounger, Lesbian Reading Room

“C.D. Cain manages to write a story about real issues with love, friendship and family and I hope that the next book comes out soon. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these characters.” – Marney, Goodreads

“As always, excellent writing, descriptions, imagery, and fantastic book C.D. Cain! Can’t wait for the next chambers of the Heart! I’ll mark my calendar with the release date to buy!” – Elle, Goodreads

“It Pours” proves that C.D. Cain is not only the real deal, but is an author that is growing in her skill.” – S. Martin, Amazon Reviews

“Miss Cain has written another spellbinding, romantic and adventurous book and now all you need to do is read it.” – Judy C, Amazon Reviews