Let’s Talk About Sam, Baby…Let’s Talk About Her and Rayne…

See what I did there? Now, that song will be stuck in your head all day. But hey…what better way to start a discussion. Since the release of It Pours, I’ve had many comments in regards to Sam and her role in Rayne’s life. I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved reading the insight into these characters. After reading my last email I had the idea to do this blog post as a way of an open discussion between any of those who wish to join in versus a one-on-one discussion between myself and a single reader.

We’ve all had that person who comes into our life where we question to ourselves the purpose of their appearance…and sadly sometimes disappearance. What brought them to us? Why were they put before us? Will they be a prominent long term addition or are they simply here to show me what I could not see? In Sam and Rayne’s case–will they come back? (Psst…I know the answer to that one.)

So, here it is a short little blog to hopefully start some discussion. I’ll leave the blog up indefinitely for comments but over the next several days, I’m devoting my time toward this blog so the conversation can be as if we are sitting at a table sharing coffee or cocktail. Let’s have some fun while the girls are away!

Oh, by the way, is that song still stuck in your head?