It’s Officially Release Day

Whoop! Release Day is finally here!

The weight of her heels carried on her fingertips grew exponentially with each step Samantha LeJeune took walking away from the only woman she ever loved. She wanted to turn back, take Rayne Storm into her arms and run away from everything that would keep them apart. The problem was Rayne wasn’t ready to give her what she needed to make a life with her. If she couldn’t run away with her, she would at least run away from her and all of the memories of Alabama. Without a clue as to her destination, she hit the road with nothing on her mind but healing her broken heart strong enough to never fall in love again.

Gentry Bell didn’t really have a home like others would describe. For her, home was a small town filled with suffocating memories of painful abuse and betrayal by those who were supposed to love her. There were only two woman who kept her from moving as far away as possible. The sudden passing of one of those women and a new job with the National Park Service, were her signs that it was time for her to move on. She’s never feared being on her own or venturing out into the unknown. Actually, it has always been her breath of life. But this time, she isn’t alone. Maybe the silence of the wilderness will have the answer she needs to decide what to do about the baby she is carrying.

An immediate connection develops when these two broken women meet on the road that carries them away from the life they were living. But will it be enough to open their hearts to trust again? And if so, will they be strong enough to hold onto that connection when an unborn child seems to be pointing them to return back to a home where memories of trauma and a first love are still ever so present in each of their hearts?

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  1. Don’t think I have been this happy for a new release since Harry just biding my time till this evening so I can have time to start reading!!

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  2. HECK YEAH!!!!!

    On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 8:18 AM Fleur-de-lis Books wrote:

    > cdcainauthor posted: “Whoop! Release Day is finally here! The weight of > her heels carried on her fingertips grew exponentially with each step > Samantha LeJeune took walking away from the only woman she ever loved. She > wanted to turn back, take Rayne Storm into her arms and r” >

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    1. Hi Lana, I’m truly sorry you didn’t like the story. Was it the quality of the writing or the storyline itself you couldn’t get into? I’d like to know your thoughts. I can’t say negative reviews are enjoyable to read, but constructive criticism can lead to growth.


    2. I was so excited when I saw that this book was finally released. I think a lot of people have been waiting a long time.
      I can understand where some people are saying they didn’t really like it, it was very different from the first two books. But I have to disagree. I LOVED this book, the storyline is completely different from where I thought you’d go with it. I absolutely love how you went full circle with the story, now Sam is in raynes life again. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting but I think you did an absolute wonderful job with Sam. I wouldn’t have seen her as a mother in the first two books at all but now it’s just natural. I can’t wait until the next book comes out…

      And thank you again for the advice about my wife and I moving. We’re gunna move down to Louisiana and rent for a year if we find we don’t really like it we are going to move to a different warm area. I want to move somewhere where I can use my criminal justice degree since I can’t use it here in New York. So moving somewhere with no snow is kind of like killing two birds with one stone. So thank you again for your input it opened our eyes to the things we could potentially face down there.

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      1. Hi Brooke,

        It sure was a wait. I’m so grateful for my readers not giving up on me and the series. I’m at work on book IV. Hopefully, we will NOT have the same kind of wait. Barring anything unforeseen.

        I am so happy you like it! It is different than the first two books. But then again, so is the writer. I was really hoping to be able to still create some surprises with this book. Take it where it’s not expected!

        You are so welcome! Please do let me know how it goes on your relocation. I do hope you find something where you put your degree to use in a career you love!



  3. This series is my absolute favorite so I was so excited with the release of After The Storm. Wow. And another WOW! LOVE IT! The characters are so true to life, so genuine and I have enjoyed their journey so much. Wonderfully written. Fantastic CD Cain!!

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    1. Hi Carol! Thank you so much! I’ll say Wow too. I truly appreciate your comment. I’ve been so nervous with the release of this book as I opened up far more than I had in my previous stories. I’m so happy you liked it!


      1. Honestly, I “felt” that openness throughout the book. I’m going to read it again. Yep, it is THAT GOOD.


  4. I did read the book but I loved your first 2 books (without the revision, but even that I can get by) and yes even I have to admit to not liking the book as much and I waited a long time for this. Some of the parts felt rushed and I felt disconnected with the other characters
    as well especially Rayne and Flossie. It just felt off. I don’t think I will be able to continue with the series though but I do wish you the best of luck in all your endeavours.


    1. Hi Nina, So as controller of the website I can admit it’s pretty hard to hit approve comment with these but well, there I suppose is my test. I actually think that is a smart decision to not continue with the series and I admire that. I certainly do not want to waste your time or money in reading something that doesn’t connect with you. I will revisit the rushed feelings for sure. The disconnect, I’m not sure. I will look into that as well. I think perhaps it’s the disconnect with Gentry. She’s a strong lead character in this book and thankfully she may not connect with a lot of readers. Her past and story are hard. It’s a huge arc to follow from two women in the start of their lives, innocent really but just starting, they meet-fall in love but timing being what it was, they separate. This series is their arc of living through the adversities of life to find who they are and want to be. Perhaps, I brought too much of my own past into this book. Yet, it was my way of opening up to my own past. For that, I have grown. Although, I am saddened I lost what appears like two readers in seeing the full arc of Rayne and Sam. Fingers crossed there isn’t a flood to follow.

      So many grammatical errors up there. Please, don’t tell my editor.


  5. I truly loved this book and I think for you to really understand it you have to remember that things aren’t easy or clean cut. At first of course I huffed because I’m anxious for Sam and Rayne to be together(lol) but I loved how this book gave you Sam’s perspective m throughout everything that happened in it pours. Rayne and Sam both went on particular journeys that somehow matured them and actually put them in a place that I feel (and hope ha) they can be ready for each other. I didn’t think I would like Gentry just as I thought I wouldn’t like Mo (don’t mess with my OTP!) but they were both complex characters that added depth and were crucial to helping the main characters love. What a great twist of a story that somehow brought everyone together. I can’t wait to read the last book! For future readers, just remember that this is Sam’s story during the same timeline as what Rayne went through in “it pours” so when Rayne is mentioned, it’s not that info is missing, you should know what’s going on by having read it pours! I love books like this. It reminds me of when everyone wanted a book on Edward’s perspective of twilight! Amazing work!! Love this series

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    1. Hi Ellen,

      Yes! That is what I was hoping to convey in my stories…exactly that. Love is complicated and well not an easy, clean cut experience. I’m like so many–I read to escape. Yet, I also kind of wanted to know that my experience of love beyond the test of time and trials was not totally out of the norm. I also like really complex characters: women who don’t yet know who they are, women who are just pretty darn good supportive friends to couple going through crap, women who have been scarred and healed, and families who need to be reminded what unconditional love is. That’s what I hoped to create with this huge arc of four books to tell the journey of two pretty great characters.

      Thank you so much, Ellen, for your very thought out response!


  6. After the Storm hits home with more of us in the world than one might think. Sam is a really deeply emotional character and I’m not at all surprised that her journey led her down the path of meeting Gentry, who I loved, by the way. If you’re looking for a book that is going to give you a fairytale, this is not for you. However, if you’re looking for a book that pulls you in emotionally and brings some really tough stuff right to the center of your heart and life, then dive on in.
    If you stop to think about it, Rayne’s story is incredibly deep and full of really tough moments. Sam’s story deserves the same reverence. It’s fitting that she would meet Gentry, open up herself to an adventure and find a space to breathe again. And how about Gentry? Damn, that girl has been through hell and back, and she keeps going. I’m proud of her character and everything she brought to the story, I don’t think Sam would be the same character without her.
    CD, you keep telling the story that is in your heart! I, for one, totally stand by your side with After the Storm, and everything it entails. Your writing was perfect in this book, Sam is a better woman because of it! I can’t wait to see what happens next. I really hope that we get to read about babygirl spending time with Flossie in the next book. Rayne and Sam? I’m rooting for both of them to find what they’re looking for. I’m so glad that Sam came back to LA. There’s so much happening and so many possibilities, I feel way closer to both of them in After the Storm.

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    1. HI Cassie!

      My turn to say “Wow”. Thank you so much for this comment. There’s so much in here to respond to. (Again, please no one tell my editor about these responses–ha!) I have taken this series to different levels and now it’s not the happy-feel-good-all-of-the-time romance. It’s deep with twists and turns much like I’ve found my own life to be. I’m with the woman I met when I was 21 years old. We’ve survived ups and downs and so many twists and turns. To me that was just life. I do enjoy escaping into a romance that is tied up from start to HEA in 250+ pages but I myself wanted to create characters that needed more than those pages.

      I am excited for the next book as well. It will be fun to have everyone back in Brennin stirring things up a bit!

      Thank you again!


  7. I was so excited to see this released!! C.D. Cain please keep writing, I continue to be a huge fan of your work. Your writing has always evoked strong emotions and the addition of Gentry was the wow for me. I think I was as wrecked as Sam when she left. Your characters stay with me:)

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    1. Hi Annie,

      Thank you so much for your comment and I’m thinking review on Amazon. Those reviews help more than you know, so thank you!

      I’m so happy you have continued to enjoy the story. I don’t mind admitting I had a Scooby Doo “Whut Whoa” moment when the very first two comments I heard were such negative thoughts that I actually lost them as readers. Your comment and the ones to follow have let me breathe again.

      When I first decided to write, it was after I read a book where the characters stuck with me like you described. I swear I expected them to be in the grocery store line with me. I set out with that very goal in mind. Create real characters that seem like you could sit down and have lunch with them. Gentry is a favorite of mine. I must say, she stuck with me too!

      Thank you again,


      1. Hi C.D.,

        I have to tell you my wife just finished After the Storm and she love love loved it. We were both looking through the comments and shaking our heads a bit. I feel like some people put their own expectations on a book/author instead of being open to the authors direction. We noticed some thought Sam was selfish, while the both of us kinda felt the opposite, that Rayne was the selfish one…after all she had 2 whole books to tell her side of the story lol! Seriously though, we felt like Rayne was unreasonable in her expectation of Sam to stick around on the side while she figured herself out.
        We both love your style of storytelling and your ability to craft the scene so richly that we feel immersed in the atmosphere as well the characters life struggle.

        Happily await your future writing…. a continuation of any of these characters or something totally new 🙂

        Best wishes,

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      2. Hi Annie,

        Thank you very much for your comment. And boy, what great timing! Just this morning, I too was shaking my head about the mixed reviews or thoughts of the book. I knew going into the series there would be some who would not like the direction of the story. As I’ve said in other comments, I wanted to take the characters full spectrum in life. The wonder of it all. For me it was impossible to do this in a single book. But the endings of those books would have to…well, end…but with continuation. Then your comment came along. I sat back sipped my coffee and reflected on what you said. You nailed it. As in life, we all feel something different, see differently. So yeah, isn’t it pretty cool that we read differences in Rayne and Sam’s characters? These two ladies both had their faults. They were still so fresh to the world when they met.

        Thank you! In my day job, some coworkers have started a mini book club as they literally just found out I wrote these books. It’s been so much fun listening in on their talks. One said I wrote like a screen play, like she could see it all unfolding in her head. I LOVED that! Sounds like you may agree with what you and your wife experienced with it.

        I have one more book with these characters before I tuck them away and say goodbye. Bittersweet. But yes, I do have something totally new planned for after that. It’s a cross of genres that I’m super excited to write. It’s historical romance meets a twinge of paranormal. You know the whole creole voodoo vibe. 🙂

        Thanks again for your comment!


  8. I love your writing and I loved this book but I have to say I prefer the first 2 books in the series. I was so excited to read Sam’s story and see things from her point of view, but it made me dislike her character 😦 I tried not to but I just couldn’t help it. I find her selfish. Also Gentry is a great character but I would’ve prefer her in her own story/book, because I feel like she took away the focus from the original story which made me feel disconnected from Rayne.
    I give this 4 stars.


    1. Hi Alex,

      Thank you for the comment. I hope you don’t mind my in depth response but I love talking about the story with readers–hearing their thoughts on the story.

      Okay, where to start…first, I’m very happy you enjoy my writing. I am sorry you didn’t enjoy this one as much. Not so much in the quality of the writing but more where the story took you. This endeavor has been such a learning experience for me. Once this series is done, I don’t think I’ll ever write another series again! Ha! In the grand scheme of things, hindsight what it is, it’s a really big endeavor. I wanted a storyline to expand beyond 250 pages. I wanted it to have depth, grit, humor with an expanse of characters to get to know. Lives to follow. To have characters grow and mature much like we do ourselves in life. In that, you have to make them actually have a flaw to change or grow out of. Sam and Rayne are no different. Both completely flawed when we met them. However, I believe their chemistry completely overpowered my whole goal in the series. They became the story. So, it was hard for me to keep that same intensity for my readers yet still take the story where I wanted it to go.

      Specifically to your comments–I’m sorry you saw Sam’s flaw in this story. I’m curious as to why you didn’t find her selfish in WIRs. To me she’s always had that quality to some degree. She lived by the seat of her pants to her own will. No girlfriends because well giving to them would be unselfish, yes? Rayne awakened her to feel something different but still not enough to let go of herself to see what Rayne needed in the end of the first book. In this book, she finds herself–sees her flaws. Have you not found the same in Rayne? Hmmm…Gentry. Yes powerful character. Love her! Again, this falls into the category of Rayne and Sam’s chemistry being so overpowering. This book was to cause some disconnection from Rayne. Sam has to grow, just as Rayne had to grow. They had to have experiences outside of each other to really see life. Gentry was to shake Sam fully awake. Sam’s such a powerful character herself that she needed an equally powerful woman to face her. To disconnect herself from all, yes, even Rayne.

      That was an extremely long winded response. As you can tell, I do enjoy talking about my little characters.



      1. regarding Sam’s selfishness, I didn’t like how badly she treated Rayne (even when Rayne begged her to give them a chance) and insisted how they can’t be together but then she was so quick to go back to Rayne when things didn’t go right with Gentry.

        pc: I do hope you continue writing after this series because like I said I really do love your writing!


      2. Ah, okay. I see where your thoughts are. Yes, the park scene was a hard scene to write. Both hurt during that scene. I think Addie had a good bit to do with her decision to go back. Well, that and other things. Have to get the group back together in Brennin somehow 😉

        Thank you! I do have a few other ideas for after this series. I would love to span other genres. My next project is something along the lines of a historical romance with a shade of paranormal.


  9. I’ve truly enjoyed this whole series, I was surprised when I came here and saw the mixed reviews. People saying that they couldn’t fully connect with Gentry made sense but I thought that was done on purpose. We can understand and relate to her as a charter but to fully connect isn’t something she does with anyone until the end with Sam and she still didn’t give herself completely. I really enjoyed Sam’s perspective and to see how she dealt with heartbreak and healing. I can understand where people could see her actions as selfish and mean but I think to truly heal you have to focus on yourself and during that process anger is natural so it wasn’t surprising or unwarranted how she reacted at the club in Atlanta. Then I can also see why Sam returned in the end based on the healing and growing that she had done I don’t fault her for that I think she’ll be able to see around the issues she and Ryane had in the past and become stronger and possibly what they believe they should of have the together the entire time.
    Overall this was my favorite of the series so far,

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    1. Hi Kelsey!

      Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time in your response. You saw in between the words, exactly what I was hoping to convey. Showing and not telling can, or has for me, led to some misinterpretation of what I was trying to show. Yet, we are all unique. Right? So we all find something different in the same scene.

      Exactly on all that you said. Gentry I knew high would be a character that many would not connect with. In both how I wrote her and well her experience. She’s so beautifully scarred in her little cocoon.

      Sam was very angry. Angry at Rayne. Angry at herself. Angry. It’s a part of healing, yes? I’m glad you didn’t find her coming to Rayne as selfish in the end. To me, it showed their bond to be as strong as both women felt it to be. That first true love. The one who’s voice on the other end of the phone makes your forget all that has come in between you. There’s the hopeless romantic in me for you.

      It has been my favorite as well! I have to admit when the very first comments were as negative as they were, I thought maybe I had fooled myself it to be the best. I take myself back to the Rayne and Sam being such a huge chemistry that readers didn’t want to read about anyone else and not the quality of the writing itself. Trust me I cringe every morning when I awake to look at Amazon and Goodreads. Okay so maybe I cross my fingers too.

      Thank you again for such aa wonderful comment.



  10. I love this series so much and I can’t wait to read the last book, though I’m a bit sad it’s coming to an end. You’re an amazing writer! I also want to say that this series is one of my top 5 favorite books and it’s mcs are one of the few characters that have actually stayed with me and I still remember them years after starting the series. Keep up the good word!

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    1. Hi Dana,

      I have to say this…me too! I’m going to miss these characters too. It will bittersweet to have the last book published.

      Thank you so much for you very sweet compliment! I may have to read this post many times over! As you will remember my characters, I will remember your thoughts you expressed here. Thank you again!



  11. Loved first two, loved this one as well. You have a gift for sure. I just have one issue…..I finish your stuff too quickly because I can’t put it down!!!

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    1. Hi Mechelle,

      Thank you so much! And I’m thinking thank you for your wonderful rating on Goodreads too. Those ratings and reviews helps more than you know.

      I’m a fast reader too. So, I feel your pain. 🙂



  12. I can’t wait for the last book of the series. Any ideas on when it can be expected. I always look forward to reading your books. I seem to always pick them back up and read them again waiting for the next one. Hope all is well!


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