Rapunzel…Rapunzel, Why Did You Let Down Your Hair?

towerAw my dear friend how I’ve thought of you so in the last several days. It wasn’t long ago I found you kneeling upon a blanket of fallen leaves and dirt. Your mud-splattered red cape was torn and tattered from your flight into the forest. The brush had ripped at your skin and cloth as you raced into the sanctity of the darkness.  You had rushed to your peace under the canopy of limbs and leaves. You sought to hide from the light. Yes, it was here that I found you. Fresh tears brewing at your eyelids as they readied to fall upon cheeks already stained from those which had already dried. I brushed them away with my thumbs while I listened to your painful plea…”If only to forget. If only to not remember.”

If only I could’ve pulled a red apple from my pocket, shined it upon my shirt and wiped the juice from your lip as you took the first delicious bite. I would’ve taken you in my arms as the spell overtook your exhausted body and carried you high into Rapunzel’s tower for much needed sleep. I’d leave you there, tucked away safely as your heart healed the thousand fissures left within in. I’d let you sleep until the nightmares ceased and dreams took their place. I’d place my Merry Men strategically in the treetops, fortified with bows and arrows to cease anyone who tried to cross your borders. I’d don my armor as I stood guard at the base of your tower daring anyone to threaten your slumber. I would use the wish granted me to find you to awaken without the need of true love’s kiss but rather solely on your own belief in the day to be filled with endless possibilities of hope, peace and happiness. Your eyes would open to the brightness of the day and the painful memories would be left in the darkness of your slumber.

All of this I would do for you. Sadly life is not a fairytale. It’s without high towers or apples with the gift of peaceful sleep. Yet for as much as there is truth in this, there is also truth in the fact that there is no evil queen or Maleficent’s dragon. There is no one with such power as to steal your brightness. There is one part of all of this where there is truth…there may not be a Prince or Princess Charming but there is a village. Within this village you will find me. Let me straighten your dented crown. Let me bring you forth into your village of friends and support. Standing here among us you will find the woman who brought a hug when all that was asked for was a hand. The woman who brought a raging fire when all that was asked for was a small spark from a match. It is here within our canopy you will find your light.

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