Family, Cocktails, Retail Therapy and Make-up…Yes, Make-up

I Megs and Momrecently posted that I had come to realize when life gives you lemons…you make a really sour face and drink wine! Who needs lemonade when you have wine? I mean, they’re both fruit based. Right? This past weekend was a prime example of the revised statement. I met my mom and sister in Alabama. Now beyond it being right-smack-dab in the middle of “Roll Tide Country”, it wasn’t all bad. I must admit it was a truly beautiful campus. So we will leave that statement right there and follow it up with “Geaux Tigers”.

Back to the weekend…I met my family at a good halfway point between Georgia and Louisiana. There are times when you need your family. Times when you need your friends. And times when you need the family that are your friends. Those people who have known you all of your life or all of theirs. They’ve seen your good, your bad, your weakness and your strength. There’s nothing quite as comforting as someone who knows all of that about you reaching across to touch your hand with eyes and voice saying “I know.” When you catch one another staring out of the window as the song changes on the radio. When you catch one another looking away from the television during a certain scene or topic. When you catch one another dazing blankly lost in memories or thoughts. When you catch one another in those times and say simply “I know.” In between those times we laughed. We shared bloody marys and wine. We ate poor choices with a little bit of good stuff thrown in for good measure. We channel surfed. We shopped. The power of retail therapy which in this case included make-up. Yes, as I said…make-up. Who knew so much would change about make-up over the years. We all shared a giggle if not a full-blown chuckle at my reaction to the questions the Ulta beauty assistant kept asking me. Basically I learned about make-up techniques from my mom in high school. I must admit I gave no further thought to my teachings. I suppose I didn’t realize things would change from your basic base, blush, eye shadow and mascara. Let’s just say…I was wrong! Who knew there was now primer, contouring of blushes, an ungodly amount of variation to eye shadow application and a finishing spray? Safe to say my credit card balance was not too thrilled with this new knowledge.