After My Storm

I found myself not so long ago floating atop smooth waters under the most gorgeous night sky infinitely filled with the brightest stars I had ever seen. My mind was filled with possibility. My heart beat wildly with excitement in the dreams of the days to come. My soul…my soul was happy…filled with hope and happy. The happy that one fleetingly feels after reading the last page of a happy ending or standing from a movie seat after the show had taken you to a world you only ever wished existed. As corny as it sounds, it was that kind of happy! It was as if I was floating in a boat looking up at the stars. I was lost in not only their beauty but also, the lulling sounds of water rocking me peacefully within its waves. Yes, that kind of happy! The kind where everything fit which left me with satisfaction of my strength in weathering life’s storms to get me here.

If you noticed I said “was”. I can’t speak with knowledge of many storm systems as I’ve lived my entire life in the southern states. But, I can speak of my experience with those. Tornados in particular. There is a dawning if you will after a tornado. A time when the sky is filled with nothing but sunlight again. The path of destruction made clearly visible. The need for rebuilding laid out in front of your eyes. The damage my be severe or merely a few scrapes to your structure. There is as much certainty in the fact that another storm will arise one day as there is in your strength, luck or sheer determination to survive the one which had just passed. Yes, I said “was”. True in so many of our lives, another storm arose. The clouds darkened the sky to mask the brilliance of the stars that once shown down on my smiling face. The wind ripped across the smooth sea to form waves massive enough to topple my once sturdy boat. Each passing gust cluttered my mind, tampered my wildly beating heart and put my soul at unrest.

I’ve come to read a certain quote each morning when I awake, “Without rain nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms of your life.” I’m weathering this storm. I’m growing beyond its damage. I’m embracing the changes which are growing under its downpour.

I’ve written before in blogs and interviews that Samantha “Sam” LeJeune was never to be a longstanding character in the Chambers of the Heart series. Yet there was something about her character that made me fall in love with the person she was and the person she could grow to be. I’ve come to realize writing her became an anchor I would need later in my own personal storm. It is her story I am writing now. The original storyline in the third book “After the Storm” has changed. My anchor is calling me to write her story. Sam’s voice is whispering among my keys. So, I am writing Sam’s story…”When There’s No Rayne”. Hers is a story worth telling. It will be the story of how she learned to embrace the storm of her life.

After all, every boat needs an anchor in a storm.

8 thoughts on “After My Storm

  1. You have SUCH a way with words. Sending LIGHT energy and looking forward to this journey with you. Can’t wait for the next books 🙂


    • Jennie,

      Thank you so very much for your kind words. So very much! I look forward to sharing this journey with you. You’ve always been such a source of positive energy for me. Thank you for that!



  2. Hi CD, I hope you are well. Have not seen any postings from you since last year. That worries me only because I hope you’re okay. Life can be stressful and complicated at times. Here’s hoping your life is nothing but lots of happiness. Take care.


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