That word…that one little word with so much meaning behind it. Some people say they hate change. Hate the whole concept of it. But truly, is there any way to avoid it? Doesn’t change happen daily? From small nuances not noticed to full blown “Oh hell, what just happened to my life?” I’m not sure I really thought much of this word until over the last year when “change” fell more into the latter category.


I write this blog with heartfelt gratitude as it is directed to those readers and friends who have contacted me about the release of After the Storm which is the third book in the Chambers of the Heart series. Thank you so much for your interest in the series! Book three will be published however not in the timing noted on Amazon or other websites. Many may have noticed the difference in the style of the cover for It Pours versus When It Raynes. This was the initial phase of my writing change. As of late, I have been fortunate to have gotten my original covers back. I had such a difficult time writing through the disappointment I had in the changes that led to the loss of my original covers. I must admit to a strong writer’s block due to this. Over this time frame, my publisher and I have decided to put a hold on our future endeavors. In fact, in the very near future and during this transition When It Raynes and It Pours will not be available for purchase. There will be some growing pain. However, my hopes are with this change there will be better growth in my creativity with the series.


As if this was not a big enough change, life decided to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve experienced losses and gains. All of which took its own bite out of my little fingers pecking away on a keyboard in the silence of the night as they once had done. To be completely honest with you, I feared I had lost the ability to mold words from my thoughts into a story worth telling. Through the encouragement of friends, I wrote a short story for a soon to be published anthology by Sapphire Publishing. I’m very happy to share that “Ten Hours” was chosen to be included. This I believe is the first step in accepting the effects of change.


So, yes there has been change. Yes, there has been sacrifice which came with it. But there has also been growth! Much growth that I hope will only lead to positive effects on my creativity. It’s time to dust off those keys! Thank you to all of you who have checked in. Stay tuned. I’m hoping for an exciting ride.