Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention

I am so happy to say that It Pours got listed in the Honorable Mentions for this year’s Rainbow Awards. Whoop! Elisa Rainbow hosts this event for us authors. This woman herself deserves a medal! Her and her judges give tirelessly of their time to put this out every year. Check out her Facebook page! I think you will find some good books you may not have known about.

2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: It Pours by C.D. Cain (149-06-15-2016)
Oct. 2nd, 2016 10:13 am
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1) Having not read the first book I was concerned that I would not be able to follow this one, however that wasn’t the case. I really enjoyed this authors book especially liked the characters Mo, Jazlyn, and Stormy. The authors writing has a smooth even flow and makes reading her story very enjoyable.

2) I have liked a lot this book. The story is believable and realistic. The protagonist is likable with all her flaws, because she is simply a human being that try to find herself in a chaotic and demanding setting. It is a book that left me wanting to know what happen next, and this in my experience is always a good thing when a book is part of a series. Good job!

3) Slow-paced, a little drawn out at times, but the plot is wholly focused on Rayne and her development as a character. Good exploration. A little wordy at times, but the character is *thinking* about things, so I find it reasonable. The author is not just talking to talk, but revealing questions and deep concerns about the character. I like that some elements didn’t resolve cleanly (Sam, Charlie Grace) but that there was overall support. Helped lend a real feeling to the story. Areas were developed as much as they needed to be. I did find the overuse of rainstorms to be somewhat overdone. Setting wasn’t the principal focus, but when it was called for, it was reasonable. Overall character development was well-done. Rayne feels like a real character caught up in circular logic due to trying to reconcile everything amidst fear. Mo, Jazzlyn, and Violet are also believeable, and all of the character scenarios are believeable. There is a tendency to have some shared voicing between all the characters, as if they are different aspects of each other, but otherwise they each have their own little things that make them different and feel like different people. Nice use of regional dialect. Dialogue is good overall, feels organic. As mentioned before, a little wordy, but not without reason. Still, some paragraphs were easily skipped over and might be distilled down to their core meaning rather than rambling. Some typos, some usage problems (bass, which is the low sounds between a specific range of frequencies, and base, the flat part of an object which contacts another surface, are not the same) that need to be resolved in the final copies.
It Pours (Chambers of the Heart) by C.D. Cain
Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction

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